ICP Alumni open new exhibition space


10 from 25: Emerging Artists Using Photography
November 19- December 13, 2009
Opening Reception:  Thursday, November 19, 6-9 pm
Location: 25CPW, 25 Central Park West at 62nd Street, New York

The storefront at 25 Central Park West on Manhattan’s Upper West Side has been vacant for the past two years. Early this fall a collective of ten artists moved into the 3,000 square foot space viewing it as an opportunity to share their ideas and work with a broad audience. The space is called 25CPW. Its members seek to create a common platform for artists, curators, writers, educators, and the general public to engage with contemporary art. 25CPW will maintain a calendar of diverse events featuring lectures, discussions, film screenings, poetry readings, performances, workshops and exhibitions.

25CPW officially opens its doors with an inaugural exhibition. 10 from 25: Emerging Artists Using Photography will showcase the work of the ten founding members, each of whom use the medium of photography as a foundation for their artistic practice. The exhibition is comprised of varied approaches, ranging from traditional photography to video and sculpture. The show forges new paths and offers fresh visions that challenge photographic representation, the tradition of portraiture, and the depiction of identity within a changing technological landscape. 25CPW will host an opening reception on Thursday, November 19th, 2009.  For more information about the show and artists, please visit 25cpw.org.  

Artists included are: Angela Beallor, Teresa Christiansen, Bess Greenberg, Kim Kremer, Rebecca (Marks) Leopold, Jamie Lund, Paul Qaysi, Hyla Skopitz, Adam Ward, and Alyssa Taylor Wendt  

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