Enter is an exhibition of photographs that offer much more than the 2d space of the photograph itself.  You can enter their environments, take on the role of the sitter or subject and “walk a mile in their shoes”; feel the weight of a dress made of meat and the fear of the possibility of it touching your hand, push the “claws” into your flesh just enough to leave a mark, move with the limbs of a dying tree and try to escape the coil that entangles you.  These photographs offer more questions than answers, which provides a continuous curiosity and embrace, holding you captive even after you have left them.

3 thoughts on “Enter

  1. This body of work is so visceral, fantastical and feminine. It begs so many questions of the female form exists both carnally and mythologically.

  2. Opie’s piece makes me think of what it was like to sketch (if there was a sketch) a scene with the U.S. version of the symbol for a girl. It’s completely recognizable if you ever had to draw your family, or your neighborhood in Kindergarten, but the concept can be painful. I imagine here, it was literally painful as well.

  3. Michelle,

    this is just stunning, feminine and uncomfortable. I like the friction between Bellmer and the reading of the images. I have a special appreciation for Opie’s work as I did some research on her and I find her world to be not only full of the social and political but something more raw and endearing than that. I guess i’ll dub it honesty.

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