Never say never

51 things I always do when I make pictures

1. Scan my negatives

2. Hope it will all make sense one day

3. Think about the futility of “hope”

4. Think about the power of faith

5. Bite my nails

6. Think about how much light there is and what’s in the shadows

7. Shoot even if there is not enough light

8. Struggle with lighting equipment

9. Think about the experience of the picture taking just after doing it

10. Think about the past, present and future

11. Frame my thoughts and work in the past tense as a subconscious way of being passive

12. Think  about time, place, circumstance and space

13. Count

14. Concentrate

15. Fuck something up

16. Feel the a connection with life and the moment

17. Feel important and irrelevant simultaneously

18. Have empathy for my subject ( or at least think i do)

19. Consider cracks and spaces between what’s more obvious

20. Consider obstacles and where to place them

21. Observe my feelings

22. Consider sexuality

23. Think about the representation of the subject in my image

24. Unconsciously imbue images with romantic notions

25. Photograph the person, place or object more than once if possible

26. Avoid getting modern cars in the shot if possible

27.  Think about how fucking weird it is to be alive

28. Think about the shot from various vantage points

29. Try to decide what should be in focus

30. Feel anxiety when photographing strangers

31. Feel at ease when photographing friends

32. Rely mostly on intuition

33. Think about words that match the picture

34. Remember dreams and think about how I don’t want to grow up

35. See the shot as a frame in the film

36. Worry about technical problems and the mistakes I might be making

37. Think about old boyfriends and friends that I miss

38. Think about my sweet love André

39. Am drawn to using or employing strong or whacked out color

40. Consider how the light and color create definition in the shot

41. Try to photograph moving light, water or air

42. Try to connect what’s inside of me with what’s in front of me

43. Make peace with something inside of me, or something in front of me

44. Accept and try to utilize accidents and mistakes

45. Think about trains and wish I had access to a tugboat

46. Think about the construction, birth and past life of the subject

47. Think about music

48. Talk to myself

49. Forget if I’m hot or cold

50. Feel like I belong

51. Feel I am looking for the end of the world or how to create a new one

51 things I never do when I make pictures

1. Feel a negative judgment or indifference towards my subject

2. Enjoy using strobes or flash

3. Write about what it was like immediately after shooting

4. Eat

5. Call my grandmother

6. Try being smart

7. Regret my unconventional life

8. Feel like I’m not improving

9. Get drunk or stoned

10. Drink milk

11. Think about Roland Barthes or Louis Althusser

12. Make flower arrangements

13. Use a point and shoot

14. Take pictures of myself having sex

15. Photograph blatant violence or for shock factor

16. Intend to exploit others or show work that I feel is exploitive

17. Intentionally structure my images to confront race or gender

18. Breakdance

19. Critique my own work, in the work

20. Storyboard

21. Smoke

22. Travel far just to shoot

23. Regret shooting whatever I just took pictures of

24. Care about my commercial viability or techniques

25. Appropriate images

26. Seek out completely outdoor/natural settings

27. Listen to books on tape

28. Photography with a telescope

29. Photography with a microscope

30. Photograph wildlife animals

31. Work for complete control

32. Paint on the image

33. Paint for the image

34. Create the image for another project based in another medium

35. Photograph in or underwater

36. Photograph things at the circus

37. Take pictures when it feels wrong

38. Photograph my aunts or cousins

39. Shoot from the hip

40. Clean the dust off my lens

41. Take pictures of my anti-aging products

42. Use large format

43. Take pictures of the interiors of other peoples homes

44. Commit to one type of subject

45. Photograph my feet

46. Wear long underwear

47. Photograph people eating or drinking

48. Photograph old barns

49. Color correct properly

50. Photograph people having sex

51. Put out an ad on Craigslist for subjects

Possible Craigslist Ads

1. I am a photographer who is doing a project on memory and I need people and their homes to shoot in. I will probably hang out with you for a bit, take pictures of things in your home, animals if you have any and maybe even you. The images may be used in a stop motion video project later. My work is very casual and informal (although I may be using a large format camera).  I am generally a very pleasant person to be around, am considerate and have a good sense of humor.  I’m looking for all types of homes and people.  If you are interested in having aspects of your life and home documented, please let me know and I can provide you with a link to my website and blog. Tell me a little about yourself as well and please feel free to ask any questions.

2. I’m a photographer who is doing a project on memory, intimacy and sex. If you and your partner(s) are interested in having pictures taken of you in the act as well as the before and after, please let me know. the pictures will be thoughtful and tasteful and will look completely natural and un-staged.  I am not interested in participating in any capacity beyond documentation, but will not get weirded out by anything.  I am a really easy-going person who is generally comfortable to be around.  Please email me a little about yourself and with any questions about me, earlier work and the project.  Gay, straight and fetish welcome but no violent situations or where harm is being done.

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