I Always Never_______


I Always #30: Hernease Davis, Blue Moon 1, 2009, © Hernease Davis

  1. I always think
  2. I always stress out about planned shoots
  3. I always question my intentions
  4. I always look through the view finder of my SLR
  5. I always imagine the scenes in my head
  6. I always stray away from my original plan
  7. I always shoot in RAW when shooting digital
  8. I always aim to focus in on the subject
  9. I always try to contain the image in the frame
  10. I always think of a vertical perspective as an alternate
  11. I always jot down random ideas
  12. I always have a feeling of lost creativity after shooting from a list
  13. I always carry a camera
  14. I always worry that I won’t be able to capture what I envision
  15. I always feel as if I shoot too much if I take a photo from the same angle
  16. I always consider lighting.
  17. I always imagine people in my images
  18. I always think of how to build on an idea, how to make more images along a theme
  19. I always consider my dreams in relation to what I want to photograph
  20. I always consider what these people will be wearing
  21. I always scout out a location before hand
  22. I always wait until I am in a good mood before I shoot
  23. I always put the lens caps back on
  24. I always use music to calm me down and help my mind wander
  25. I always write out my frustration in my process
  26. I always think, “Is this weird?”
  27. I always want to produce a photograph that makes me feel accomplished.
  28. I always shoot with my glasses on
  29. I always expect the worst
  30. I always wait until I am compelled to shoot
  31. I always hope I am not making work that looks exactly the same as someone else’s.
  32. I always want something in focus
  33. I always question my choice of perspective
  34. I always get anxious about asking my friends to pose for me
  35. I always am afraid of seeming out of control when photographing my friends
  36. I always want to be shooting film
  37. I always burn a disc of my work
  38. I always hold my breath when the shutter speed is 1/30 or less
  39. I always like experimenting
  40. I always think of images when listening to my favorite songs
  41. I always look for an unconventional perspective
  42. I always under or over expose
  43. I always spend a long time thinking on a written idea
  44. I always am afraid others will not completely understand my work
  45. I always have a notebook with me
  46. I always shoot with my feet spread apart
  47. I always shoot in color and convert to b&w later
  48. I always think in still images first
  49. I always find it hard to explain my ideas to those posing for me
  50. I always say “okay” when I feel done with a shoot.


  1. I never think about future text placement in my photographs
  2. I never shoot with my contacts on.
  3. I never take portraits of strangers
  4. I never print bigger than 16×20
  5. I never use animals
  6. I never look at family albums
  7. I never go over my journals or poetry
  8. I never share my inspirations with my parents
  9. I never ask my family for critique
  10. I never develop my fancy film at convenience stores
  11. I never shoot with an assistant
  12. I never develop my film or upload my files immediately
  13. I never build props
  14. I never buy costumes or wardrobes
  15. I never work with make-up artists
  16. I never do long exposures of stars
  17. I never plan to do shoots in crowded areas
  18. I never photograph nude portraits
  19. I never hang my own prints in my bedroom
  20. I never think about stock photography when I shoot
  21. I never take serious portraits of my father
  22. I never shoot when I am angry
  23. I never enjoy using tripods
  24. I never stick to my shot list
  25. I never make collages
  26. I never draw or write on my prints
  27. I never throw away color test prints
    I never #28: Hernease Davis, Froid, 2010 © Hernease Davis
  28. I never use friends as models when it is really cold outside

    I never #29: Hernease Davis, The Walt Disney Music Hall from the Stop Light at Grand & 1st, ©2010 Hernease Davis

    I never #29: Hernease Davis, Below Grand , ©2010 Hernease Davis

  29. I never photograph the Disney Music Hall in Los Angeles
  30. I never enjoy lugging strobes around
  31. I never rush
  32. I never shoot in dangerous places, like cliffs or alleys at night
  33. I never am satisfied when the photograph I shoot does not match what I imagined
  34. I never leave the house without my iPod (The files on my iPod are my companion, especially on the subway/bus when I happen to sit next to a stranger who likes to eat with an open mouth.  I carry around my favorite music, NPR, audio Yoga – they help me think of images, stay informed, stay calm, and make the 10-minute walk home from the subway less annoying.  Those files don’t make me a better person, and when I left the house without them, I survived.)
  35. I never go more than a month without doing some form of exercise
  36. I never used pages I used to tear from magazines for inspiration
  37. I never photograph my tennis racquet
  38. I never photograph my room at night
  39. I never am comfortable photographing myself, by myself
  40. I never think to use myself first
  41. I never photograph my Aunts

    I never #42: Hernease Davis, Thoreau Walk, ©2009 Hernease Davis

    I never #42: Hernease Davis, Thoreau Volvo, ©2009 Hernease Davis

    I never #42: Hernease Davis, Thoreau Tree, ©2009 Hernease Davis

    I never #42: Hernease Davis, Thoreau Street, ©2009 Hernease Davis

  42. I never photograph my block
  43. I never shoot long exposures of traffic
  44. I never photograph the floor of my room
  45. I never think about abstraction first
  46. I never remember to hide certain things
  47. I never am comfortable with ambiguity
  48. I never make holograms
  49. I never fully flesh out my intentions

    I Never #50: Hernease Davis, Apt Mirrors, 2009, © Hernease Davis

  50. I never consider my point & shoot to be my  “good” or “nice” or “real” camera

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