Music as visual inspiration

Last Sunday, I moved out from a room I have lived in for years.  I had a roommate, Jeong Ja Shim, a pianist, and we have been friends and roommates since 2005. Thanks to her I became familiar with classical piano music such as Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, and so on.  This music enriches my daily life with harmonious joy and influences my creative process, too.  I often find similar expression between photography and classical piano music.  For example, when I listen to a concert, I realize how important the basic and everyday practices are.  Some pianists play beautifully and hold us on his or her performance, however, some pianists play with technical struggle and the audience notices that.  It prevents the audience from engaging the performer’s real inner feeling through the music .   This can be said in everything but it is obvious the more you practice, the better you become.   Technical skill is not everything in creative expression.  However, it is a crucial tool in order to convince audience.   The more you practice photographing and printing you will be able to make prints with a greater tonal range, that means the person has more control and creates a variety of sound (tone) in a photograph.  Strong classical pieces lead us to visual imagination and tell listeners a story without a word but with the mood they create through tonality of the sound, rhythm and harmony with each note.  Photography does not have sound or word, but strong piece visually speak to viewers without any sound or word.   

 The more I love a specific piece I want to know more about the composer.   I want to know what was going on the composer’s actual life and what was in their mind.

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