Projects: Space

In thinking about both public and private location, I care about how spaces translate visually. I also think about practical usage, but in those terms I am more interested in what has taken place in or around that specific sphere of objects and matter over time.  Each place transmits an aura of cumulative experience, or, at least it does for me photographically.  Over the past 6 months I have been shooting things in my personal environment as well as the public places I frequently encounter.  Initially, and almost unconsciously,  I look at spaces with a formalist eye and find myself intrigued by the shapes, form, tone, color and vibrancy of the space.  After taking several pictures of one location or objects within, I begin to realize some of what that space means to me on a personal level or how it translates as a metaphor or discussion of other philosophical ideas.  For example, the ubiquitous playgrounds in my neighborhood provide a break in the landscape and are interesting as sculptural forms, but also represent the repetitious cycles of behavior and patterns in adult life, possibly established from childhood.  They are also a prime example of how the use of space is dictated from an early age.  (There were more progressive and creative types of playgrounds earlier last century, but  they lost popularity due to safety concerns.) In terms of private space, I find in my apartment and the homes of others, the spots asking to be framed by the viewfinder of my camera, often are surprising.  Traces of how a particular nook, corner, desk, bed, bathroom etc. are used in everyday life and ritual can not only give evidence to a person’s experience, but also abstract that experience to embody more ambiguous or liminal ideas about human life, experience and created space.

One thought on “Projects: Space

  1. Great work.
    I love the way you describe things that most people don’t pay attention to.
    You have a great eye and a great way to describe it.
    Can’t wait to read your next piece.


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