Why I make photographs

My mind over thinks and overworks everything. 

It stutters, it rambles, it collects.

I sit somewhere in between, watching from afar, trying to organize and calm it.

I run to keep it exercised and placid. There seems to be pockets of space in my head that need connecting and running is one of the tools that tightens the loose bolts to reality. My memory morphes to imagination and my life is unraveled and refolded, within a matter of eight to ten miles. To me, running provides a similar solace to an easy silence with a friend or the quiet of a hot shower.

I find peace it in.












Photography constitues a similar synaptic role in my life. Because of a brain injury from a car accident, I often stutter trying to retrieve words to speak. The words are there in my head, but I sometimes need to ease them out slowly. Like toothpaste from the bottom of the tube. If I try and force it from the top, I get stuck and nothing comes out.  I must take my time consciously finding the words and connecting the sentences. It requires a balance of control and chance.

In my practice, I attempt to embrace and connect my minds oscillations.  I can take chances with the camera, with or without control. It will ramble, and I use the camera to help it collect. I take photographs so I can see what I am trying to say.

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