Why I Make Images

I’ll find a new love

I love you

The candles light are burning smoking, remembering

The loves once had, the loves lost needed, forgotten

The light of happiness grows within brightly

Flickering its desires its emotions its pain

How it hurts to be a real person

A person who feels love and pain, expresses and experiences

The candles flame will soon be burned out

Full of indifference

Without emotions

Without life

Live life – Be real

By Susan LoJacono


I believe that I owe all my creativity and devotion to making images to my mother.

It was at the age of 12 that I captured my first photograph with a small point and shoot camera that was given to me as a Christmas gift by my mom.  The pure joy and satisfaction of capturing a moment in time quickly turned the art into an addiction.  Most of the concepts behind my art are derived from the experiences and struggles I have lived through. My work is very personal to me; every image I take is a portrait of myself.  I discover a new piece to the puzzle of who I am with every frame.

Documentary photography was my first introduction to the art and I instantly fell in love with the passage it invites the viewer to take into unknown worlds.  From that point on, I’ve looked at my camera as a tool to capture the personality and individual essence of the subjects I shoot.  As an artist, I feel it is my job to secure shots when my subjects are least aware, capturing the most real and raw of moments.  Showing a person how they interact with their surroundings through film allows a person to have insight into their own lives, to see who they are in just one still image of one small fragment in time.  Photographic imagery tells stories, makes you laugh or cry, takes your imagination to places you didn’t know existed, stimulates your senses to the fullest, and provides memories.  Once visually stimulated, it is up to the audience to draw their own conclusions through the images left in their head.

I find peace in making images.  I don’t have to be afraid, I can just be.  To most people around me I am person of few words.  The task of piecing together my thoughts and ideas and articulating them clearly is a feat I have yet to accomplish.  But with every image I create I know that I am taking one step further.  Photography is my outlet to gaining confidence and completing my self-portrait.

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