I am trying to remember something someone said to me.

When I try to think about the words of a conversation, they do not come to me as if I was looking at a teleprompter. Wait, that is a silly thought and of course I am now imagining myself alone in a black room with the teleprompter, trying to read something that was never written down.

So how do I remember? I am really not sure. While I was growing up and as far back as I can remember I can only think back in images.

Once I was told by my doctor “imagine your mind is a TV and you are flipping through cannels, constantly pushing the next button. When you are done flipping through hundreds of channels, then you have to sort out what was going on, on all of them”. I think her description fits what I am trying to explain.

What I am saying is that I remember things through image and sound.

This is one of the reasons why I am really bad when it comes to telling stories. There is a disconnection between the images I remember— still or moving— and the words that corresponded to them —written or spoken. I make images so I can remember.

When I was first thinking about how I process information, I imagined cycling around in the vast amounts of cultural references and noticing how —throughout history— humans have had the need to depict what happens around them so future generations can see what came before them: the legacy. In my case, it comes down to images that help me remember, that establish marks in time and allow me to continue telling stories.

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