Making Pictures

I tried drawing it was an interesting medium but not a dynamic one. Films, on the other hand, was dynamic but almost too much -research, scheduling, budgets, producers, crew, editing, no budget, time’s up.

Picture making seems to have the right amount of flexibility to turn it in any direction. I can work individually or in a group. Work in a narrative or engage with form. I can work in color, black and white, use metal, negatives, paper or pixels.  After changing professions twice I think I want to stay with photography for the sake of some stability, at least for a few years. Who knows after that anyway.

Photography has given me an excuse to travel, interact with people and hide behind a camera when I feel curious and intimidated at the same instance. The camera gives a license to find an entry into places. It legitimizes wandering, both in the physical and the mental landscape. Its a medium through which I ask questions and find answers or sometimes realize there are no answers.

I enjoy taking photographs. If I were to not make pictures what would I make? Well, I will have to not make pictures first to find out.

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