Photographic addiction

By taking photos we produce desire. That was one of the things Victor Sira mentioned on our last book making class. I must say that it struck me, thinking about my photography practice. According to Barthes, photographs contains only the referents, the desired objets, but the physical framed picture is a object off desire by itself. By making pictures I’m contributing to the world of art trade, collectors and art desires. Do I really want this? And what is the language I’m using in my work? Does that language resonate in public? Is my desire, my earlier “change the world” attitude still important for me? Why do I take pictures?

First of all, taking pictures is like a drug addiction for me. When I’m shooting and I feel that I’m on the verge of something important, I’m euphoric. However there are times I find myself getting deeply frustrated and depressed just by the fact of not taking pictures.

It is hard to overcome the bombardment of information and images, and to realize that almost every idea has already been explored. Without experimenting, though, it’s almost impossible to find a new way, a new idea, a new language and a new viewpoint.
I think, I can speak the language of photography, but as in every other language, silence is more valuable than thousands of worth-less words. So, while I still want to change the world, I have to admit that the it is far more complicated than I thought some 14 years ago. Therefor I’m happy to be able to address and work in my own environment, with my friends and my family to depict the absurdity of everyday life. And if I have something to say, I’m more than happy to do so, but it is always a struggle between the overwhelming world of information and finding the right words for the right situation.

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