Materiality of Language









In Sam Lewitt’s show titled Total Immersion Environment is a series of photographs titled Paper Citizen. These are images  of letter press casts arranged, as if, for printing as a page of a book. It was only instinctive to try and read the words which are arranged laterally inverted, from right to left. I stutter, look at the shapes of the letters, read each alphabet carefully, look at the space between two alphabets and construct a word slowly. It brings attention to how words are formed, the place of punctuation and how a space between two words is significant in giving meaning to the sentence. The materiality of Language construction relates to the materiality of letter press casts, the metallic texture, the frame and the construction of a page in reverse before its transferred on to paper.

A very interesting show to see if you haven’t gone already.  Its all about the material world!

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