Hipstamatic? Fetish or Renascence

I would like to know what all you think about this App? Are we about to enter a analog renascence? Or are we just experiencing another technology fetish? Do App’s like chunky lens seed creative expression through investigation?


One thought on “Hipstamatic? Fetish or Renascence

  1. I love the idea of paying tribute to lofi analogue style through digital means. It is like re-fetishizing an already highly fetishized style (and the hipster-invoking name for the app is encouraging b/c it indicates lofi photography’s hip moment is long over). I wonder if the resurgence of this style (between the lomo thing over the last 20 years and now this) will eventually wipe out any sense of nostalgia we have for old cameras. It feels very postmodern to displace the past in this way and try to encapsulate it in a style.

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