3.000 beer crates

3.000 beer crates, 800 straw bales, 10 m3 of wood and 60 OSB boards, 120 railway sleepers, 1 old shipping container, 2 lorries of clay, 12.000 nails, 1 km of screw-bars, 3.000 wood and metal screws and other joining components, 120 volunteers’ hands, 5.000 volunteers’ hours within three months, 7.000 €…and…no need of official permission:-) All of this was needed to build a new theater within tree months in 2009 in Slovakia. It extraordinary experience being part of this cultural/community center and be able to see how unthinkable ideas are becoming reality in the country where state cultural support is one of the lowest from whole EU. You realize, all you really need is some enthusiastic individuals that are wiling to put their energy in a area that they believe in. Than you “just” need to sustain for several years the pressure of working without funding and the community will slowly start build up.
You can watch the process of this construction in a short film.

For more info click here

For information about the cultural node Stanica Zilina-Zariecie click here

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