Raghubir Singh -A way into India

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These photographs are from the series A way into India taken between 1985-1999 by Raghubir Singh( 1942-1999).

Born in Jaipur, Raghubir Singh was a self-taught photographer who worked in India and lived in Paris, London and New York. In the early 1970s he was one of the first photographers to reinvent the use of color at a time when color photography was still a marginal art form.

In his early work Singh focused on the geographic and social anatomy of cities and regions of India. He travelled across India accompanied by Lee Friedlander. In his last work A Way into India, published posthumously, the Ambassador car becomes a camera obscura. Singh uses its doors and windshield to frame and divide his photographs. John Baldessari compares Raghubir Singh to Orson Welles for his juxtaposition of near and far and to Mondrian for his fragmentation of space.

Singh taught in New York at the School of Visual Arts, Columbia University and Cooper Union.

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