year one of two, for Marvin!

There’s a lizard on the wall of my bedroom, right next to the ceiling.  She’s about 2 and a half inches long and has barely moved over the past three days.  In the day, to encourage her to flight to freedom, I leave the window open, but so far she hasn’t wanted to escape.  Desired entrapment?  Perhaps.  After too many years of applying to grad school, I finally entered the ICP-Bard program last fall, eager to push myself and disrupt the way I have worked in the past.  I found myself pleasurably entrapped (with classmates beyond compare) in a program that challenged me intellectually, emotionally, and physically (no, not weight-lifting contests, just major sleep deprivation).  And it has led me here, to Arles, in the south of France, where I am participating in the ICP-Arles Exchange program, and sharing my bedroom with a small lizard.  Pas mal.

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