Most of the work from my thesis show “dfghfhg” can be seen online:

  1. Sears presents dfghfhg
  2. Dither Studies
  3. Unichar
  4. r8j4lf
  5. Containment
  6. Meanwhile, in NYC…
  7. The Alphabet in Alphabetical Order
  8. Mutator 1
  9. Internet Directory
  10. Chatter
  11. YouTube Limericks
  12. Light Pattern: Hello, World
  13. A Choice
  14. Glitchometry
  15. Drunk Eliza
  16. Unicode Frenzy

More photos from the event:

It was possibly the last speed show at 90 Bowery, as they’re expected to sell that side room.

me with Cory Arcangel and JODI. Love the Moiré on my shirt.

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