Kathy’s List or: How I Procrastinate and Learn at the Same Time

Because I didn’t study art or photography in undergrad, I had to strengthen my eye on my own time. These are my favorite go-to resources for inspiration, reference, and time wasted looking at pictures I wish I’d taken and projects I wish I had thought of first.

Plenty of Colour

Exactly what it sounds like, and it is just so fun to scroll through. The blog covers everything from photography and painting, illustration and design, installation art and packaging to architecture and culinary arts. It seriously runs the gamut, and has a breakdown by color on the left-hand side so you can peruse just the hue you want. 

Krulwich Wonders

Robert Krulwich is one half of the NPR dream-team that is behind their hit radioshow Radiolab. I may be biased coming from a science background, but I believe with every fiber of my being that everyone, no matter what their discipline, should learn about and find joy in work outside their field. Read this blog, listen to this show. You never know what field, what research, what idea will grip you, inspire you, or even just entertain you. 

Lens Culture

A wonderful resource for not only photography reviews and commentary, but be sure to check out their “links” page. It has dozens and dozens of amazing resources there, from job listings and publishers to other art/photography blogs and events listings. 

The Modern Art Notes Podcast

A weekly podcast that covers artists, curators, art historians and authors. Easy listening, often intriguing, and very well produced. Need I say more?

-Kathy Akey, MFA ’14

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