Art Reference Desk


Going to art school in Vermont made it very important to connect with the art world through the Internet. Besides fieldtrips and get-away weekends, I had to bring the art world to me. Luckily, the online art world is a vast and welcoming place. Websites come and go just like galleries, but they leave behind a much richer archive for exploring who and what was hot in the particular moment.

These are a few of the sites that I visit with some regularity still (even though, I am now happily right in the middle of where things are happening, rather than holed-up on a mountain top).

I am not sure who is running this tumblr, but it serves as great reminder to what shows I need to be getting out to.  Thetuesdayafter visits recently opened shows (primarily in New York) and gives you a little preview of some of the work. Often when scrolling through the endless stream, thetuesdayafter provides me with that Oh! Right! I was meaning to catch the Margaret Lee show at Murray Guy moment. The archive goes back to March 2009, and is great for watching how trends have changed in New York in the last few years.

My boyfriend, Timothy Hull, turned me onto GalleristNY for all its art world drama and gossip. The site also links to a number of other resources—news related, reviews, etc.

I’ve been following the recently defunct vvork the longest. Luckily the contributors have generously left their site intact, with a full archive of contemporary art of the last seven years (with some older work thrown in). It’s an excellent resource for finding artists who work with similar materials or visual tropes, as often the posting was done thematically, e.g. artists using video game imagery, vacuum cleaners, needlework etc. etc. It’s also a great site because it is by no means New York centric and exposed me to a lot of artists I may have never encountered.

There are a lot of great websites for reading reviews of current and recent shows, but Art-Agenda is one of the better international sites—giving me access to shows from places I would have never thought to check out and introducing me to some really great small galleries and project spaces.

-Kory Trolio, MFA ’14 (follow me on tumblr! @ THE RANGE)

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