Inspiration from Emilie Lundstrøm

Hi Everyone,

My name is Emilie, 27 years old, born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Did my BA(Hons) in Fine Art Photography from Glasgow School of Art. 2011.

Currently 1st year MFA at International Center of Photography.

Internet  seems as important as breathing!  We cannot be connected without, we need absolutely to tell what we are doing and to link to the world constantly  to check what happened – is happening and will happen. .

The school is a bubble –  we feel a belonging – a kind of safety, we feel a moment that seems to last forever, but  2 years pass by  fast. The rhytm of it all seems link to rapidity – one must remember to breathe also next to the internet!

We must think ahead, where will we be in 5 years? One needs fundings, residencies, job opportunities etc. one needs to apply a year in advance – one needs to be prepared,

To be ahead of time??? – and be parallelly connected!

Websites must be  informative, pushing you forward in your goals to achieve your project.

I use ted talks when I eat my dinner alone in my apartment!!! – the talks inspire and make you think bigger:

We will all finish ICP before we know it!! and to do an artist’s residency is very inspiring

and can move you to areas of your world of art you never dreamt about and you might enter with a new  group of people! 

A good way to move forward and continue your life after ICP:

I have visited Arles Photo Festival 4 summers in a row with my mother, who lives in the  southern part of France.

This Photo Festival is a wonder world for photographers – go there and get your portfolio review or

 just to see the exhibitions and meet other photographers, The entire town is full of  photo exhibitions in museums, town hall, churches, galleries, warehouses etc. A MUST!

Foam is my favorit Magazine. The new issue is about travel. I keep updated with this great  photo magazine. I paid a visit to their museum in Amsterdam. Each year they have a talent competition – worth being a part of:

Hope you will enjoy some of the links which helps me moving forward.



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