Nina’s List – online resources/often browse for inspiration

DV8 Physical Theatre

DV8 Physical Theatre was formed in 1986 and has been led since its inception by Lloyd Newson.The company has produced 17 highly acclaimed dance pieces, which have toured internationally, and four award-winning films or television. I have been researching this group of dance performers for the past six months. The choreography is amazingly complex, and their movements say so much creating a different language. It is Dance, theatre, performance, art, writing -all in one. I strive to convey through my art an inspiration and my own version of this.


Vientre Compartido

My colleagues and friends; twin brothers Jaime and Javier Suarez work simultaneously hand in hand creating their ephemeral land art. Using only materials found in nature of biodegradable, the two brothers make powerful statements about art being a part of our everyday environment.  They are a constant inspiration to me since there are such interdisciplinary artists.



An International Self Publishing Community & Resource Center For Art & Documentary Photography. I worked as their intern for the past year.  They have so much to offer. Other than their Photo of the Day which I curated for almost 8 months, they have grants, exhibitions, news, workshops and so many other things. The network of photography here is huge and it has helped me make some great contacts.



Escuela de Fotografía Centro de Imagen is one of the best photography schools in Spain. I think Europe has a different way of seeing photography so I like to keep up with what they are doing in Spain. This is the private photography school I went to in Madrid , Spain in 2008 and I still have a good relationship with them.

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