Chavi’s Time Black Hole

Hi, I’m Chavi, and I’m a procrastinator. The King Procrastinator, I like to call myself; even though every year I resolve to “cut down on it”. Yeah right. On the positive side though it’s a great way of finding resources and inspiration and basically feeding my never ending love for the black hole that is the Internet. Here are some of the more Photography/Art oriented resources that I look at that I think might be useful and inspiring for you.

American Suburb X | ASX

This is a great place to find all things photography. There are reviews of books, interviews of artists, interesting articles and just photos, photos, photos. It can be a bit of overload, but that’s exactly what’s great about it.


J.M. Colberg is a german astrophysics Ph.D. turned Art Photography Blogger Extraordinaire. He’s very prolific, posting almost every day exhibition and book reviews, articles, and interviews, besides being one of the faculty members of the Hartford MFA in Photography program. There is also an “Extended” version of his blog, where the longer or more in depth post live.


Is a space in Brooklyn/Online magazine focused on editorial and curatorial activities with writers, artists and researchers. It’s an amazing platform for art projects, that (in their words) “engage the Internet’s specific characteristics as a public forum and as a medium”. It’s a very interesting approach to art in today’s world.

TED iPhone App

I got tired of my music collection, and keeping up with music is a huge time consuming task, so I don’t do it as much anymore. So I decided that I should use the time in my commute for something useful, and downloaded the TED app. I load a talk on my way to the subway, and that way I get a 20 minute talk on very interesting topics. The great thing is that there is an “Inspire Me” section, where you tell the app how much time you have and what topic interests you and it will give you options to look at. It’s a great way to use those lost moments of your day for something other than staring at the train’s weird floor. There is also an Android version.

Twitter Lists

Everyone and their mother is on twitter. Tweets are a constant flood of information that is very hard to keep track of. Enter Twitter Lists! Think of these as playlists for the people you follow, you can distill the information by any topic or group of people. So if you make a list on “Art” for example, you just add all the people you follow that relate to that and it’s a good way to just look at information that you want to get to, and not be spammed by @KimKardashian. This is my “Photography” list. Another VERY interesting way of working with Twitter is The Tweeted Times, which takes your feed and puts in a newspaper format, and you can also see other people’s TweetedTimes as well which is a great way of finding out what other people are looking at.

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