Inspiration and Discovery from Kim Weston


I began to educate myself with the desire to share something that excited me and start a dialog through my photographs. Dawoud Bey, Lorna Simpson, Thelma Golden and Kellie Jones were my first inspirations in my teens. I’d run the halls at Jamaica Art Center (a small arts learning center and gallery in Jamaica Queens, NY) and sit in curators Kellie Jones’ and Thelma Golden’s tiny offices, waiting to hear who the next artists were coming to exhibit. I’d share my new discoveries in my photographs with them. They encouraged me to discover the explorations of other artist through books, lectures and exhibits. I continued the practice and received my BFA from Cooper Union. My exploration in photography continues at ICP-Bard as I pursue my MFA.

The Society for Photographic Education, provides and fosters an understanding of photography through teaching and learning, calls for artist to exhibit, and criticism. is an online training site in software, photography, graphic design and more. Their tutorial have gotten through the ever changing upgrades in technology.

The New York Times  Arts section and blog continues to inspire with it’s awesome articles.

The Studio Museum in Harlem
is an American contemporary art museum in the Harlem New York.

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