Laura’s Le Crap, Or TBC (infinite backlog) – These are things that we look at


-For whoever is visiting our blog at this specific time: we (the class of 2014) are kicking off the new semester by posting stuff that seems to be useful to each of us.

-Having said that, I wish I would have written the entry below >>>>>>>>> K&M

-Having said that, here’s some new junk:

  • Look at this always, everyday, specially right before going to bed: The Daily What, because it will prevent you from going to bed and will inform you on everything under the sun. DailyCrap+Science+Art+Lasers+Food+Apps+CatPoems+Viral+Everything. Including the never to be forgotten Gustavo Almodovar.
  • Arts and Letters Daily, because you need to stop looking at The Daily What, and read Arts and Letters Daily.
  • Dlisted, because you will want to stop looking at Arts and Letters Daily, but not go back to the infinite regress of The Daily What. #LITE
  • Youtube, for fetishes, like LIFT AND CARRY (women carrying men) and ASMR (Automatic Sensory Meridian Response, or women whispering what they’re doing)
  • This, on repeat: RAD TIMES
  • This, when you’re finished repeating the above: You’re My Heart You’re My Soul
  • This, when you’re finished repeating the above: Babooshka

-Also, Triple Canopy (thank you Kory), ArtCards (thank you Kathy, thank you Alex) and I ❤ Photography (thank you Me).


One thought on “Laura’s Le Crap, Or TBC (infinite backlog) – These are things that we look at

  1. Reblogged this on juanafrancisca's Blog and commented:
    I’ve proven to be a failure in the act of surfing the internet—I would never be able to keep a blog, as I can barely keep a journal. I’ve tried keeping journals my entire life, and having had the chance to read them over the holidays….what a waste of time! Nothing interesting, though I did found out who my first kiss was—perhaps it wasn’t that bad.

    The search for the newest thing has now become a competition. I can say, with no shame at all, that I’ve lost the game. I honestly applaud the people who can spend 5 hours a day on a computer, checking new websites and new posts on the websites they frequent. I can’t say I have a particular web page I visit for new ideas or inspiration; it’s never been a part of my creative process. The one thing I do is I look to my colleagues, teachers, and friends for advice regarding new things [on the internet]. This means most of the places I visit on the web aren’t necessarily the most original, but more typical sources of reliable information and ideas.

    A few examples are…

    Art 21—
    This blog is interesting to me because of the varying topics they discuss.
    I recently read an article about seeing art through the internet (or on a computer), rather than in a museum, and about the effect this has on people.
    Most of the articles on this blog pose questions about making art, living art and consuming it, which I find can be very stimulating.

    Wooster Collective—
    Here I found a very interesting article on artist Michael Neff, in which they discuss how he took Christmas Trees and hung them from the BQE bridge in Williamsburg.
    Though I haven’t fully surfed their site, it looks like it could have some beautiful gems.

    Behance —
    When I was working as a cinematographer I used to go through this website to find new collaborators. I like to see people’s portfolios, how they intended them to be viewed. It’s very interesting to see how people present themselves and the way they edit their own work.

    AC —
    This is the site for ‘American Cinematographer’, which is one of the publications I read most frequently to stay up to date with technical issues. I come from the cinematography world and I won’t leave it anytime soon; thus I find it very useful to keep up with this publication. On their site you can find articles ranging from Hollywood to Independent films. If you are interested in cinema and cinematography, this is a must read. Some of the things you can read about in this magazine can also be applied to still photography—fyi.

    Perhaps this is not the best selection of resources, possibly, but these are places where I have been able to find interesting articles to both read and look at, time and time again. I honestly would rather go to galleries and museums to look at work first-hand, rather than at home on my computer. I would also say that my biggest inspiration is found in books, other forms of literature, and in movies. I could do another post just about that!!!

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