The Essential Tool


                                        I have chosen to project and reflect on is



When I was around 10 years old I found that my father’s toolbox was the most masculine, untouchable and mysterious I could come across. It was a symbol of power – a resting place of all his tools – each tool had its own kind of small bed.

Since I moved to NY and been moving from place to place I realized that the most essential and important for one’s work is to have a toolbox where you can find your

weapons” to produce no matter what! The toolbox is the master of all.

As a human being needs a resting place, a tool needs its own basic bed.

When I know the toolbox is there next to me, I feel calm –

I know I can find my pens, glue, a screwdriver etc.

I bought two of these amazing black toolboxes at Pearl Paint .

One of them I use for my jewelry and make-up.

The other one for my writing- and paint tools.

There is something about the secrecy of an unfolding box which has always interested me. An unfolding of the recognizable! It is an excitement that can be compared to a music box with a small figure inside that starts dancing, when you open the lid. Not two toolboxes would be the same, each one has its own fascinating personality.

Emilie Lundstrøm



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