Howdy said the welcome letter… Doody say I


My name is Aline, I´m chilanga born and raised. I´m some what of a “paracaidista” (parachuter in Spanish), when it comes to searching on line; 2 things you now know about me, since I do, on a general basis, use Spanglish as my preferred language for verbal and written Communications.

So, my aerial light weighted landing on the net is generally when i am looking for something specific: the most handy is weather:

mta web site for service, maintenance and must confess most often to revisit the map: And, of course the movies:

When it comes to photographic resources I recommend subscribing to AI-AP daily Newsletter. When signing up, users are granted to relieve information from: ProPhoto Daily (news on art, technology, education related to photography) Motion Arts Pro (moving image: festivals, screenings, calling for entries) and Design Arts Daily (Graphics, illustration, plastic arts):

I enjoy looping at the photos of the week at Time Light box, A photojournalistic take on images:

En español:

As we say in my country: cámara banda!

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