Pies Descalzos

Pies Descalzos
My essential tool when I work? Bare feet.
It might sound strange, but when I work I like to work barefoot. In my work, (in whatever capacity that may be) I usually work from my intuition, my body and my senses. I have this need to feel grounded to the earth…or feel the grass, sand or dirt between my toes…while I work. Coming from a tropical island this has been easy (and just a lifestyle for me)…but now that I live in New York City, it is not as easy…. although I do keep the barefoot rule inside my home (we have a shoe basket).
I feel more myself, more open, more comfortable barefoot..it gives me a kind of release that I can’t quite explain. People have even said that it looks like I have a certain choreography for when I work, sometimes even like I am dancing…which I always do with bare feet as well…
I have these two favorite quotes; The first one from one of my great inspirations Frida Kahlo: “Pies para que te quiero si tengo alas para volar”/”Feet, I don’t need you; I have wings to fly”… And the other from my great grandfather and Puerto Rican politician Jose Coll y Cuchí: “El que anhela volar es porque tiene alas” / “He who has an urge to fly is because he has wings” – I have always loved this particular one because I believe My feet or my own type of wings…Barefoot Nina. http://www.ninamendezmarti.com

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