Tools of the trade: MacZinger Z aka Nebuchadnezzar aka Lappie

When I was a kid I wanted to be a computer genius (not an Apple genius, I’d never want to be one of those). I was amazing for me to see how these machines worked. I later decided that spending all day in front of a computer coding would drive me crazy (little did I know that artists spend a lot of time in front of them as well). There is a right way to set up computers. My desktop has to be clean, the only things on it the few items I’m working on. I installed a second hard drive that I divided in two partitions: Photos and backup. That way I have a space dedicated to images, and if my main hard drive fails I can be up and running quickly, without having to wait forever for an external hard drive to load. Since I spend so much of my day in front of a computer I want to be comfortable, so I got a set of wireless keyboard and trackpad, and raised it to eye level using a stand, a much cheaper and convenient solution than buying a monitor.



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