A device or implement, esp. one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.

This is what I found on Google for the definition of tool. I’ve been trying to come up with my perfect tool for a couple of days now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to find another definition for the word tool. I checked the Merriam-Webster dictionary website and there it was!  The fourth definition for the word tool is: 4. plural : natural ability <has all the tools to be a great pitcher>. I am not into baseball and I can hardly throw a ball, but I can definitely use this definition in order to talk about my tools.

My tools are not held in my hand, nor are they an aid to complete a task (both use the word “tool”, taken from the Merriam-Webster website). My tools are attached to my body and are used every day of my life to the extent that they annoy me. We all have them, and it depends how we use them and how much attention we pay to them. In other words, I would not be able do anything without my senses, and more importantly without my sight or my hearing. Yes, it’s lame, but let me convince you that without this I wouldn’t be able to do any work (Apart from the fact that without them, I would be blind and deaf.).

I come from a cinematography background where I have to be aware of my surroundings; I can’t shoot a scene without knowing what that scene will look like. Most of the shots I’ve done in my life for any short film or commercial, have been designed from what I’ve experienced from my sight and hearing in the world. We walk on the streets and we see things that could perfectly be part of a movie, but we don’t see the value or the quality of these scenes. Through my educated eyes and ears, I am able to borrow new ways to show something.

While I walk on the streets I hear and I see. I can choose what I see while I’m listening to it and there is where I get my ideas from. Most of the time we choose to look at what we are hearing, its a reaction, but if we decide to let that sound accompany a different image, its possible to find new meanings. I guess I could say my tool is the game I play every day with my eyes and my ears in order to find new meanings.

I can’t go anywhere without my eyes and my ears, not only beacuse they are attached, but because they are my tools to live and make my work.

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