The Purpose of This Tool Defeated Itself


For whoever is visiting the blog now: we, the 2014 MFAers are pondering what our most essential/powerful/totally indispensable tool is, when making work.

I meta-ly used my WordPress app to make a comment on this while talking about it, as a tool. My WordPress app posted it, erratically, then deleted it. IT’S OKAY. The purpose of this tool may have defeated itself but the comment remains:

I once read that one of the characteristics of adult ADHD is to always feel “on the go” (without actually having somewhere to be at). Another characteristic was for adults with ADHD to have lower salaries. I was pissed at the reality and possibilities of both these characteristics.

I WANT TO DESTROY MY PHONE. And I want to destroy the WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and WordPress apps. I recently downloaded the StripMe app, which locates strip clubs near you. For the first time this past December I went to a strip club. It was fascinating. I asked my art partner (fancy for boyfriend) to take me to the seediest strip club in Massachusetts, and he did. It was a place called Anthony’s. I am fond of this app, and do not want to destroy it, yet.

THE PROBLEM IS that now, everything that I needed to use my laptop for in order to produce (limitation: GOOD) I can now do on my phone (no bueno).

HOWEVER, the amount of content and material that is coming out of this at the expense of one’s mental health is, suffice to say, substantial.

So this is my favourite love/hate tool. It is also great for weddings, graduations, and all kinds of occasions.

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