Tool War

I was  told as soon as I was able to hold a pencil, my mother would say she could not keep a clean piece of paper or anything that could be written on. She said I drew on everything. And every time I hear that story, I giggle like a little girl. Well, I should not be surprised that my daughter is the same exact way. As the old saying goes, “Be careful how you treat your parents, it will come back to haunt you”.


I use to complain as I would reach for a pen to take down a phone number. No pen or pencil in sight.  “Jay”! I often would find a half broken crayon or a dried out magic marker to accomplish my task. Jay some how found away to scribbled all over my bills or something I had drawn. She would fill a drawing pad in a week no matter the size. It’s an obsession for her. It seems like she just had to have her mark on everything she touched. It would read in my mind, “Jay was here”. I’ve started writing this message as if Jay doesn’t still draw all over everything. Well she does. A few years ago, I took my family to Michigan Music Fest  to sell my paintings. What kind of parent am I, how could I forgot Jay’s most important weapon, her drawing book. For two days we could not figure out why she was so sad, even though she kept asking for paper. Finally she took things into her own hands. Well, the next thing we knew, she was on the ground drawing all over a brown box. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. When she realized the box was filled with unused credit card slips she again had to put her mark on them (Jay was here). I love that my seven year and I share the same tools. A No.2 pencil or a ball point pen and a blank piece of paper.

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