Instructions On How To Read A Post


1. Clear your mind from any other thought. Be present. It always helps.

2. Realize that you most likely don’t know me, and probably don’t care about what I have to say, but allow for the possibility that you might be curious. It shall distract you from your endeavors, and give you an excuse to keep procrastinating.

3. Ask yourself if it interests you to continue reading.

4. Continue reading.

5. Open and close your eyes repeatedly and quickly, this will help you look at the screen for longer, and with a crisper focus.

6. Try to sit comfortably or, if you are walking on the street, pause and make sure you have not reached an intersection, it might jeopardize your life.

7. Continue reading.

8. Consider what you have learned. If nothing, think harder. If you have learned something, you might want to consider sharing it with the person next to you. Sharing is good.

9. Think again, but this time allow for the possibility that you have actually enjoyed being told what to do. It just redeems you for having to be accountable for your own choices. My pleasure to help you.

10. Evaluate: ask yourself if you have succeeded in following the instructions. If so, you may be dismissed; if not start over from Number 1.

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