RRRRRRROLL is a tumblr of simple, amusing, and sometimes beautiful gifs. They are lovely but largely uninteresting photographs, however the imposed movement brings out something in them that was perhaps largely forgettable or overlooked otherwise. It’s yet another innovative use of the gif format, but enhanced by the quality and complexity of the scenery, the expressive and mysterious leading lady, and the sense of the peculiar that is present throughout the whole series (which continues to grow weekly). Gifs have been around for well over two decades now, and have gone from fun website decorations and AIM-profile enhancers to avatars, popular applications like cinemagram, and in fact an entire and hugely multifaceted subculture, much of which relies on humour. Along with Rrrrrrrrroll, a few others who have been using gifs in more artful ways include Ignacio Torres and duo Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg (who have coined the term Cinemagraphs for their sharp, clean and often minimal animations)


–Kathy Akey

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