Photographs not taken – collection of photographers’ essays – edited by William steacy/introduction by lyle rexer


Photographs not taken

Photographs not taken – collection of photographers’ essays

edited by William steacy/introduction by lyle rexer

A comforting fresh breeze – seasons changing – the book photographs not taken – can inspire the most uninspired. Flick to any page and you get filled up with new ideas. Immediately you will focus and your mind will start wondering. Small stories, simple things stick in your mind forever. Go to museums or Chelsea galleries to get stuck in emptiness – nothing new!

The other day I met a person in the subway telling me about Paris. How Paris used to be the city, where all artists met – full of experiments and life – today it has turned into a museum city. The same could be said about New York. One has to think bigger! The experimental soul full of energy one finds today in the East e.g. India or China. Small unknown villages you have never heard about are doing artists in residencies in collaboration with village people – experiments are tested in common spirit – borders are crossed.

Sinatra sang: If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere, it’s up to you, New York, New York! –might not be as valid today ( though this song will always steam of energy!) It’s up to you will always be true!

Reading photographs not taken triggers your mind. Memories about a photo you never took! But especially that photo will stick with you for a lifetime! The mental negative that does not exist in a single frame. Experiences that did not go through the camera lens. Words and dreams can sometimes be stronger unedited. The white paper – breaks in the book – opens up for reflection on the opportunities of being a photographer today.

This book will be my new bible. I will carry it with me in my backpack. When I am in need for other thoughts than my own, I’ll take it up, find a page and get a little personal reflection on an event which I will treasure as a kick start –as to keep the mind straight where it has to be!!! Words can create strong images! – go to the library, pick up the book and I’m sure you will be as intrigued as me!!

The spine of the book, its front- and back cover have a great simple look to it: white front with a black frame. When you stare at the front cover you almost imagine an image that could fit that cover! As photography MFA students we see photographs all the time. We need a short break sometimes in order “to breathe”. This book will strengthen your vision – it might make you see pictures you have not taken yet!!!

Emilie Lundstrøm

Photographs not taken 2Mary Ellen MarkIntroduction

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