International Klein Blue


You can fall in love with book.

Like it always happens on the subway.

I asked myself what exactly was that I couldn’t stop thinking about this particular book. The answer was simple: the cover.

It reminded me Yves Klein Blue Monochrome.

I am thinking about Etudes book, a studio established in 2012 by the French artists: Aurélien Arbet & Jérémie Egry.
 A French publishing company which works as a collective, based in both Paris and New York. Études designs and produces men’s contemporary fashion, artist books and offers its creative services.


They published three books called Blue books series:

 Daniel Everett
Études Books N°1

 Nicolai Howalt
Études Books N°2

Nicolas Hosteing N°3

N°1 Daniel Everett.


I saw very precise surgery in composing images; I couldn’t resist thinking of soft blue cover.

It happened this year during the NY Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1. It was love at first sight. I keep staring at the cover and waiting for the response. Book hasn’t say anything but it opened up a little, finally.

I resisted to touch for a few seconds,,,


Every time I go to library now I keep asking about this book. Going through the search list, believing that one-day it finally appears on the list. I keep looking through the shelves. Searching by the last name. Missed connection.

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