I like legs. They take me away.


 Recently in my work I have been looking into legs and fairy tales. Naturally, My first instinct was to go back to one of my favorite photographers – Anna Gaskell.

Anna Gaskell describes her work as an “elliptical narrative” of suggestive actions. Her series are constantly changing and shifting with each re-telling of the stories. Drawing her inspiration from Brothers Grimm fairy tales, mythology, ghost stories, and Alice in Wonderland, she is best known for her theatrical photographs of girls acting out directed scenarios.


Her photographs depict memories of childhood stories, transformation, childhood identity, and the transition from innocence to experience, all expressed in a very psychological uneasy way.  This implies rather that describes a world between reality and fiction.

I am most interested now in the photographs where she explores a suppressed eroticism and sexual awakening by making images of the fractured body, using harsh crops, dark contrasts, close ups and strange viewing angles. I would love to start experimenting with these themes in my own work.

 “Gaskell treats her medium as a kind of stage set onto which she projects her child-centered concerns and enigmatic dramatic action”. –Katerina Gregos


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