Cyprien Gaillard, Dust Lines, Mono.kultur#24, Summer 2010

Skærmbillede 2013-03-13 kl. 18.13.39

There is something delicate about this little booklet by Cyprien Gaillard: the smell of the pages, the beautiful binding. I felt like the only one owning a copy, even though I myself priced all of the 20 copies, we had ordered home, Saturday while working at my internship at MoMa Ps1.

$14.95 and this brilliant, little, uncut diamond of a booklet can be yours!

What catches my interest the most is: the layout of the pages, the photos and the honesty of the interview.

Cyprien Gaillard, born 1980 in Paris, lives and work in Berlin, discusses skateboarding, nomadicism and land art in conjunction with his off-the-cuff critique of the modern built environment’s relationship to landscape. It’s a natural read. My attraction to this artist is probably that I always have been fascinated by land art and by Robert Smithson , who is Cyprien Gaillard’s hero. I find these topics interesting: the sense of place, how we move and how we live, from growing up one place and moving to another.

In order to make something beautiful you’ve got to destroy it, Gaillard tells Mono.kultur during the interview. Reading you experience how the flow of the conversation reflects the need of the destruction of your ideas, clipping them apart, in order to see your process. In order to have an overview you need to remove yourself, allow yourself to be free, play, express, process. Every time you do a project you have to think: What is the feeling of this project? How do your own photographs make you feel? In order to make/ create you have to allow yourself to listen to yourself and to take photographs of what YOU find beautiful. Cyprien Gaillard likes to examine things like fire extinguishers being launched in romantic landscape settings.

This act explodes my imagination and makes me see clearer! As a contrast he believes this is beauty and that it only becomes beautiful, because he truly believes in this. Dust Lines is a rollercoaster of inspiration. It makes you dream, reflect and use your memory as imagination. I thought: how to destroy in order to build up and create again? I once met an Indian man who told me that I had to buy a ceramic cup and throw it onto the ground to ruin it in order to bring out the child inside me! This made my juices run wild. I do not like to destroy or smash things. But I tried and it works! To throw and ruin a glass or to allow yourself doing things you normally don’t do, opens up your heart! You might see your artworks with new eyes. I thought I would share this with you in hope you will get your hands on this really rare little treasure, before it’s sold out!!

NB! When you buy this booklet you have to rip the pages in order to read it : destruction before pleasure! This act almost tore me apart. Even having a bone folder and trying to open it up slowly will ruin the pages: to me a breeze: allowing yourself entering freedom of creativity.

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