The Ego Starring Kasia Gumpert

Can you imagine the ego of an artist fighting for the glory of fame in NYC? I’m quite sure, it’s not as far fetch of an idea if you know just one. The ICP-Bard full time program is full of creative minds and gigantic egos often camouflaged by nice smiles. Its clear the building is not big enough to hold all of us. The MFA program is so intense, most students find it hard to focus on anything other than getting assignments completed, filling hours for internships or running around to art openings attempting to keep up with the whose who on the art scene.


This past Friday, I hopped on the F Train to the Brooklyn Art Space Trestle Gallery with my fellow ICP classmate Kasia Gumpert. We were headed to a group show opening where she had two pieces on display. It felt great to stand by Gumpert knowing she reached beyond the demands of the MFA program to take part in the Celestial Dome exhibition. Curator Shingo Francis gathered several exciting artists to focus on the exploration of the physical nature of the sky and all the elements associated with it and its meaning.


Star Light 1, and Star Light 2, 2013 Photo collage 30×24

Gumpert’s bright and sparkled photo collage acts like a gradational pull between the ability to be incoherent and balanced by suggested placement. Her selected works leaves space for ideas to be hidden and discovered. To know Gumpert you must recognize the polarities of her creative process. Often hidden by her shy and soft spoken domineer (don’t be fooled) you will find her art practice calculated and her ego positioned for success. Congrats Kasia.

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