Amazing, AWESOME, love it!!


I would like to thank you Marvin Heiferman for his patience with working with us as a group. I want to congratulate him not dying of a heart attack. I admire his responses, great sense of humor and respect for all of us. I surely have to admit that we did great job! Laura working on the publication, Aline on the production, Juana and Nina on the videos promoting the event, Kory and Kathy on the social platform tumblr etc.,Xavi on installation, Emilie on fighting for the title of the show related to straightforward interpretation of the shoe. Wait, I am supposed to write about SlideFest experience, not Group Show.

I am not a fan of formal talking in front of people next to the microphone with all public speeches saying basically one thing just in other words – thank you for all your support you put in our education that actually costs me a lot. I would rather say it was nice experience to step out and respond from the other point of view thinking about our working process. The format of SlideFest pushes us to explore other boundaries of our work and collaborate with others. I explore the possibilities working with my partner in crime, Marina vs Bonnie. Being sarcastic and yet funny (which I always believe is a success), we design the set related to our countries and background, exploring American language of expression that questions the absence of meaning.

Do we really think how are we responding to others or we just talk to talk and say something which actually doesn’t change anything but to be accepted in the social norms of behavior? Yes, I question it, like many other things at this time of my life. At some point, maybe I will come back and be politically correct but at this point I wander and wonder. Coming from the European society we obey rules we don’t talk just to say something, we usually say what we mean and we rather make it happens than just create illusion for other people to make them feel comfortable.

Amazing, AWESOME, love it!! ENJOY 🙂

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