Delis Fest

I wanted to make something that involved a presentation without turning into a performance.

I’ve always been told that my sense of humor is my best weapon. To stand in front of a 100 people (number of people that is expected to attend) feels, to me, like a menace. I can hardly speak to my 11 classmates without making 3 jokes in a row so I needed something better.

I could stand there and dance “El Meneito” or I could make a statement about mass media. I decided to do what I should do: show my work. But how? Just play my videos one after another seemed ridiculous. After some rides in the train (the second best place to come up with ideas. The first is the shower), I remembered that thing that Nayland tells us: “Things are already connected because you made them”. Ta-Da! I was the link. I had to speak and link the videos together by a narrative that will be, as everything I do, a joke about my self.

I hope it will work. My classmates laughed. Some of them, anyway.

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