Focusing on the action, not the result

Thursday, 11:09 AM. I’ve basically had nothing to eat since dinner on Tuesday, and slept four hours a night for the past week. I was talking to someone after the crit of the show yesterday, and was telling him that while painting the studio the night before I realized I had never painted the walls for my own show. The thought startled me, I’ve been so busy and immersed in trying to get all prints made, papers written, walls painted and mid board books sent to print (all while trying to keep my personal life from falling apart), that I didn’t realize that the materialization of everything I’ve been working on for the last year was happening right in front of my eyes, and I was an integral part of making it happen, we all were.

One of the most important things I’ve learned throughout this year is the power that we have to make things happen. Not only do we posses that power, if we don’t create our opportunities and fight for our work and get it out there, no one else is going to do it for us. I used to sit and think, dissecting every element, waiting for the right moment to come, but was usually just left with the waiting, disappointed that the planets did not align in my favor. Being immersed in this environment has allowed me to look at the whole art making process in a different light, and given me the freedom to just do. It’s being proactive and constant that’s going to help you produce work, and being proactive and constant is what’s going to get that work out to the world. The planets may align in your favor one day, but if they don’t catch you working they’re just going to continue along their way, inconsequential to you and your practice.
As we put on the final touches, and start stressing out because “what if nobody comes?” I realize the importance that having had to get together with 11 other people, fighting about the order in which we should show and what the program booklet should look like and where on the wall our prints should be has had on my development as an artist. Focus should be on the action, not the result. The most basic thing I can control is to be active and producing work and doing my best to show it. If what’s within my reach is done well, I can be at peace with what’s outside of my control; and that’s the best place I can be in.

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