The Yellow Brick Road to Slide Fest.


3 o’clock
Photograph by Kim Weston

Marvin Heiferman is, without any doubt, an excellent instructor but more than that, he is a man full of grace. He has a disposition that’s just cool and copasetic. I’d say he’s a “brotha from another planet”. He posses the perfect temperament to deal with the demands of artists and help us navigate into looking and understanding the photographic image. Marvin’s  clearly understands photography’s traditional form, and knows it’s changing. He brought this concept to the critical practice course. His appreciation for various art techniques and art management made me look at photography from another prospective. I learned to apply those accounts into my own photographic practice and appreciate the my work, and that of my fellow peers with new eyes.

Marvin guided our class of eleven artists onto the yellow brick road to ICP’s  annual event, SLIDE FEST. This collaborative presentation with my peers brought out emotions in my spirit I’ve never felt before. My experience with other collaborative projects never felt as challenging. Excited at the idea of working with Marvin Heiferman gave me an overwhelming sense of joy to work with yet another great mind at ICP. I was equally excited with working with my peers. Then things turned, my excitement turned into anxiety and I wanted out at almost every turn. All the personalities talking all at once just became to much for me to handle. Focusing on creating my work for Slide Fest and the group show at our studios, increasingly became blocked by my approach and reaction to the class dynamic. My eyes were closed to the theme for the event, “Shoes”. Stubborn and set in my ways, I blame this way of approaching the project on being a Taurus. All I could think of was, who wants to photograph shoes and feet? Why? I just did not want to waste my time on this project that had not relationship to my personal. But of course Marvin saw my excitement and then my resistance. At every turn in my frustration he seemed to stick with me and quietly challenge my belief system. No matter how frustrated I got, he had this smooth approach that calmed me down. I began to question my stubborn position, and I was able to pull off a five minute presentation at the last minute with the help of my peers, and complete a project for the group show about feet.

As a group, my class is exciting and energetic. The idea of adding an exhibition in conjunction with slide fest was born out of that energy, potentially a new tradition. No matter how hard it seemed, the journey was painful until we reached OZ. Last minuted changes and letting go freed me. It’s always that moment just before the eleventh hour, things come to life. My peers had my back and  Marvin got us SLIDE FEST and the Group show. A big thank you to my ICP family.

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