“Capa was one of the century’s great storytellers, both as a photographer and in life, which is a reason we still revere him, and whatever questions linger about his fidelity no longer matter very much, because his images have passed from news into the vague category of art, where the line between truth and fiction is even fuzzier.”

–Michael Kimmelman, chief art critic of The New York Times, 1998,

robert _capa

When I look at pictures of Robert Capa I often wonder what type of laugh he had, he looks like such a character in those old b&w photographs. And I guess he had to be to go into war armed with only a camera to capture the horrors for the world to see. Fifty-nine years after his death, I’d love to hear what he’d have to say about photography and the people that make up the photographic community today. Would he have embrace Instagram? Shoot a war with an iPhone? Or how would he define “New Photography”. Maybe some of the answers are in the 70,000 images and stories he left behind. A gift that never stops giving.

Happy Birthday Mr. Capa.

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