“A Great American Photographer, Robert Capa”

Reading about Robert Capa, I was most intrigued by his adoption of the name, and therefore persona of “Robert Capa the American” and rejection of “Endre Friedmann the Hungarian.”  While this is a loaded and time considered comment, I will just skim the surface and ask what relationship with it we maintain today? Are you better off as an artist if you’re American? And what if you’re not, but pretend to be? Deception, whether of a physical kind of identity, or whether of a potentially staged photo presenting itself as real and journalistic, is a question we’re asking each other, and we’re asking ourselves as artists constantly.  What is the more real? What if the American version of the Hungarian me is more accurate?  And what if it makes me more successful and gives me the chance to reach more people? Are authenticity and honesty mutually exclusive? In the hundreds and thousands of ways that Robert Capa still resonates in our minds and in our continual cultural perception- this is just the first one that came up to me tonight.  Happy Birthday Endre Friedmann

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