“If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough…”

I could assess, that what Robert Capa meant by this was that if the picture subject and quality were not up to par, you physically must move closer to achieve a better photograph. I came to this understanding because of Robert Capa’s background as a photojournalist. Since many of his subjects involved international military struggles, he would have to get closer to have more visual information.  This visual information was important in a historical context and appealed to public compassion and involvement.

This tactic could hardly apply to my photographic endeavors since I am not a practicing photojournalist. But, I thought of another way I could apply Capa’s words to my own work. My pictures are not good enough, therefore I am not close enough to understanding my subject and what message I am trying to send. If my photographs are not understandable or lack punctum, perhaps I need to get closer to what I am trying to create.

How can I get closer?

Further research and involvement. The best way to get closer to any subject is through experience. I will go out and raise my awareness on the facets of what I am photographing so that others may share my experiences to understand my message through my art.

Happy 100th Birthday Robert Capa!

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