Feliz Cumpleaños Capa!

Dear Robert Capa,

Happy Birthday! And thank YOU for the gift…

(Intro of book: “There could not be a better time than this for a gift…the gift in question is this volume of photographs prepared for us and a much larger public…”)

Today on the day of your birthday I was browsing the ICP Library, doing research for my thesis. As I raided the complete Dance/Theatre section… I found myself attracted to this big white book titled “Il Corpo in Scena (The body in the Scene)”.


I thought it was such a beautiful title, I felt it would be a beautiful book; and I was right. It is filled with black and white analog photographs dedicated to the most ancient and important cultural institutions: The Theatre. The photographs taken by Vasco Ascolini, capture the emotion, gesture, action and essence of theatre, dance and mime in the town of Regio, Emilia, Italy. The corporal language is transcribed into a still image book that reaches beyond the simple iconic form of the human on stage; but brings us inside to the festival of the body, rhythmic elegance, virtuosity and mimic harmony.


But the most beautiful and special part of this book, (and the reason for this post) is that it belongs to your Library. I am connected to you at this moment, through your book. You are present, and I am touching history.


This is why I believe we gave each other a “gift” today. Thank you for existing and revolutionizing; we honor you today and everyday.         – Sincerely,  Nina

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