Sweetheart, may the frog be with you


Hi and welcome to the association line drawn from Zoe Strauss image “Camden Mattes”.  From the following images you guys have the privilege to read my mind. Welcome to the show “the cerebral cortex of Anna Ekros”!


Brassaï – The Balloon Merchant, 1931

It strikes me, the expression of happiness of the boy. He becomes a symbol for both the hope of growing, a curiosity and a fascination for life as well as a message about seeing what you have instead of what you don’t have. The woman in the background are trading something, the man beside the little boy is selling balloons from the cluster in his hands, both actions to evolve. The boy is happy with what he has, standing tall and proud as the tree behind him.


Antoni Anatol Weclaswki “Golden Streams”, Warsaw, 1928-1937

Blessed children, they are being seen, watched over. They play in the light that they have, controlled by old men in frames, but seen by a greater power. Centered and exposed on the pictureplane they play, focused on what is important in their life, rather then what anyone else think is important.


Pippilotti Rist from the video “Atmosphere and Instinct”, a video of a girl whatched from a bird angle, her life is covered in beautiful colors but she wants to be  upliftedfrom the world she´s in. In comparison to the book Moby Dick the girl in this picture can be seen as the captain, Ahab, wanting something more, craving an action to be satisfied and the children in “golden streams” are more like      Ismael, seeing what there is to see, using it to understand, to get enlightened.


Lars Tunbjörk from his book “country beside itself” (Landet utom sig)

The man longing to fly away in the tube of caviar maybe to a place where he can find palms trees like the ones on his shorts, a beautiful planet where everyone is eating Kalles Kaviar  where your skin doesn’t turn pink from the sun, but shimmers in gold.


Tove Jansson – from the book “the dangerous trip” (den farliga reason)

Every caracter in this drawing has their own role, their own wishes and hopes, but they are still together. In harmony and disharmony they find a way to accept each other, an acceptance of the people they have around them and an allowance of differences in moods, fears and curiosities.

London 105 by Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen – From the book “Soho”

The girls stand so close together, just like the madrases in “Camden Mattes”, united by their beauty, their curiosity, their hopes and excitement.


Jean Moral – “Portrait #17”. Original vintage photogravure, 1931

To give the dove a kiss and then send it away, to love and let go, to release, put your hands in your lap and let faith do what it does.


Lewis Hine Man on girders, Empire State Building, c. 1931 From Collection of George Eastman House, Rochester

The infinite trust in the construction, the only way of staying alive.


A man carrying a rubber giraffe made by Clifford Martin Ltd for the British Industries Fair. 1935 Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images/Hulton Arch

This image is talking about the choise to bring beauty and excitement into life – its a foggy day somewhere in England but the man in the center of the image has found a way to bring an exotic animal to whatever event he’s heading to. The policeman on the right helping him carry his illusion on his way over the street. Or is it an illusion, maybe what we see is the only truth we have? Am I allowed to say anything about this man and how he interprets the world when my truth is another one than his for the simple reason that my eyes are in my face and not in his? Can we ever be anything else then subjective and then can we ever judge anyones actions and choises based on the conclusions from another point of view?


Niki de Saint Phalle – “Un Reve plus long que la Nuit” – a part of the film with the same name

How beauty and ugliness go together, that theres roses and monsters right next to each other, the moon is a different moon according to what you want to see, the bird is flying or falling, the ballerina is light or heavy, the roses are pink or black, you choose the way you look at your world.


And this is my own piece, in association of the Zoe Strauss image “Camden mattes”.

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