Classical Art Replaces Advertisements

2014-02-13-adefjcid 2014-02-13-jacjiedg

What if instead of being bombarded by advertisements, artworks were carefully chosen to accent the environments of the cityscape? French artist Etienne Lavie, imagined just that. She photographed various advertising spaces around Paris and classic paintings. Lavie then photoshopped the two images together to create an advertisement-free social landscape.

The project reminded me of my own negative feelings towards “over advertising.” I feel that when I’m targeted by advertisers and then immediately saturated with videos and imagery of their product several times a day the result they would have hoped for (me buying their product due to excessive exposure) is reversed and I resent their company and product.

Would an emotional response like this occur if I were addressed with artwork instead of movie stars and soda on the multitude of screens in time square? I’d have to say instead of being filled with distaste, I would be inspired by ideas. Art work does not tell you to go and buy something, it informs you to go and DO something. And even if you’re not inspired to go and create, a beautiful image can turn your day around.

Try and make one for yourself! What advertising signs and billboards do you see on your daily commute? What artworks would you like to see replace the ads? Even if this idea might never become a socially and economically accepted reality, its nice to imagine what could be.

Original Article can be found on the Huffington Post:

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