Yellow and the internal landscape

The favorite color of Nina Mendez Marti is yellow. To her the color represents neutrality but at the same time excitement.  Since she was a kid her parents directed her to that color, as a less biased option to other ones. Nina grew up in Puerto Rico, a melting pot for different cultures where dance and rhythm binds them together. Dance was the first way Nina learned to express. The second was photography.


On the 20th of march Nina Mendez Marti has her graduate show in the studio space of ICPs master students. The show is put together after a development throughout the program where Nina has focused on understanding herself and her surroundings. The way to go turned out to be the use of the camera as a tool and dance as a vessel.  From experimenting both in a social environment and by herself she’s been making work about the equality between pleasure and pain and the limitations of the body.


For Nina dance became a way to let chaos happen within restrains, and by depicting it restraining the chaos even further to try to make meaning out of it. Ninas way of working is at the same time an attempt to understand and investigate the basic human will to express but also the fear of doing so. The longing to be free but the physical and mental barriers that stop us in the process.


Entering “Entrecortada” (as the show is named, with intermittent as the closest english translation) feels like stepping into someones mind, the gallery rooms are filled with looping videos, live dancers and photographs of bodys in movement. The videos erases the feeling of time repeating the same movement again and again. The sound from the different projections overlapping, echoing. The limbs of the dancers makes traces on the walls, their bodes bouncing up against them, feet smeared with charcoal, evidence of movement, a statement, I was here. The photographs, quietly hanging, the bodies on the paper moving separately but together.


The favorite color of Nina Mendez Marti is yellow. To her the color represents neutrality but at the same time excitement. As does her solo show display individuality but sameness, internal landscape and exterior expression, a deep breath turned into energy and movement.

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