Light and Space // Part 2 – On LED`s and neon light.


Based on my previous article on similarities of lighting techniques in photographs and painting (Read here: this second part of my Light and Space series presents some interesting artists whose main subject is light itself.

Some of the first artists that started to use light as the main subject of their art was Group Zero from Düsseldorf. Heinz Mack Otto Piene and Günther Uecker, the members of Zero were tired of the Nachkriegskunst (post-war-art) and started to look for a new beginning. They named it the Hour Zero. Their kinetic and puristic light sculptures and pictures are based on the ideology of pure light and emancipation from the classical genres of art. (

Mario Merz(1925-2003, Milan/Italy) started to make art during the second world war. Many of his installations were made of neon lights and fluorescent lamps combined with every day objects like water bottles and raincoats.

The American Artist Dan Flavin (1933-1996) created many of his installations with commercially available fluorecent light fixtures. He can be seen as one of the founders of minimalism. The way he used color and light influenced many artist as well as architects and designers. Before he went to art school he worked as an air weather meteorological technician.

Waltraut Cooper (1937, Austria), has studied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics before she became an artist. Her light sculptures are based on color, fluorescent lights, neon and glass. Her light and sound installations interact with architecture in private and public space and concentrate on the perception of room and space.

Bruce Naumann (1941, Indiana) who works in several disciplines worked as an engineer for an Electric company before he became more important with his art. He started to make sculptures with neon light during the sixties and created provocative neon light installations on the artists body.

keith Sonnier

Keith Sonnier, (1941, Louisiana) belongs to the first artists that used light with sculptures during the sixties. He is well known for his post-minimalistic neon tube installations and he often uses the possibilities of reflections and different color temperatures in his light sculptures.

jenny holzer

Jenny Holzer (1950, Ohio) is mostly known for her LED works and text projections in public space. She startet in the seventies with projecting humorous and ironic text lines on public buildings to criticize common practices of advertising.


…to be continued on 30.04. with Light and Space // Part 3 -Light and Space in interaction.




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